shopify seo services


We are here to Help your Shopify store to be visible and searchable on the search engines.
And start selling in a very short time.

ON / OFF Site Services

Service Description Add to Cart
Direct Traffic Good For new stores or No data
Boost Alexa rank fast
Real visitors from mail, Chat, Blogs
Worldwide visitors
Referral Traffic Real visitors from Shopify
3 Targeted Keywords
Targeted country
Organic Traffic Real visitors directly from
3 Targeted keywords
Targeted country
Social Media Traffic Visitors from any Social media you like
Facebook, twitter, instagra, likedin,youtube
Targeted country
Mix Traffic Highly Recommended for any website
All above traffic services
Google like this way
keywords and up to 5 countries

$1 per 1000 visitors - its highly recommended to drive non stop web traffic to your website to keep your ranking high - for best result get visitors to your homepage + 2 categories + 4 listings

Service Description Add to Cart
Search Engines Backlinks 275 Search Engines Backlinks
190 google backlinks
35 Yahoo Backlinks
55 Other search engines Backlinks
SEO Backlinks Up to 200 Seo Backlinks
Crawled fast by Google
Gov & Edu Backlinks 40 Gov and Edu Backlinks
Redirection Included
Gsa Blast Backlinks 1 Million comments backlinks
Unlimited url/keywords
Web 2.0 Blacklinks 100 web 2.0 backlinks
contextual backlinks
Service Description Add to Cart
Remove Shopify Brand Shopify branding removal
add your own name or brand
Dead Links Check for dead links
and link error report
Website analytics Check all website for errors
Report with some solutions
Service Description Add to Cart
Facebook 1000 Fan page Followers
Twitter 500 Twitter Followers
Instagram 1000 Instagram Followers
Youtube 250 YT Subscribers
- 500 YT Video Viewers
- 50 YT video like
Service Description Add to Cart
Sitemap XML Pro Google XML Sitemap
Bing XML Sitemap
Image Sitemap Images Google XML Sitemap
Images Bing XML Sitemap
Images Optimization Up to 500 images per order
Image compression
Image resize
Image tags and comments
Image copyright
Service Description Add to Cart
Google Google business page
create/setup incl. veryfication
Google Google search console & analytics
create/setup/ownership veryfication
Bing Bing business page
create/setup incl. veryfication
Bing Bing webmaster
create/setup/ownership veryfication


  • How can I place my order?
    Select item and add it to your cart, leave a note with your paypal payment, then contact us via email with all your instructions and requirrements.
  • How long does it take to deliver my order?
    Most of our delivery reports are within 2-7 business days.
  • I am confused, What do I need to order from here?
    Actually you need to order them all as a start, then keep ordering backlinks and web traffic for minimum 3 months, then you can see the results.
  • Is this all what you offer for shopify stores?
    Absolutely no, this is almost 5% of what we can offer for any online business.
  • I need a special quotation for multiple store
    Please contact us with a brief about your projects and provide all websites addresses, and We will contact you back to setup an appointement to chat online or to meet face to face.

certified partner

Top Online Shopping Categories in 2021

Furniture & Applliances
Food & Personal Care
Electronics & Media
Toys, Hobby & DIY


Just some Facts, but there is Nothing to worry about
  • You own your domain name only
  • Your real website is a shopify subdomain
  • Shopify is a WP with woocommerce + plugins
  • All Hits goes to Shopify first then redirected to your name
  • shopify is the landlord and you are the tenant
  • Web hosting is included in all the plans that Shopify offers
  • You have no access to your hosting account
  • No Email Hosting
  • No full backup allowed
  • Shopify Outage problems - - read 1500 bad comments
  • Hard to Customize a Theme
  • You are hosted on Shopify server
  • You have no access to your hosting account
  • you are not allowed to access many areas to edit

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